Help Animals by Joining the Ralphs Community Charity Program

April 10th, 2009 by admin

Dear Volunteers and Friends,

Now you can support Animal Advocates Alliance by simply doing what you do every week: grocery shopping! For every dollar you spend at Ralphs 2-4% will be donated to AAA. There are three easy ways you can designate AAA as your Ralphs Rewards charity.

1. Register online, it’s fast and easy! ( Sign in or create a new online account using your Ralphs Rewards number (found on the back of your Rewards card). Once you sign in click on “My Account” and then click on “Community Rewards.” Search for and choose Animal Advocates Alliance. (Our ID number is 91920.) Remember to save! You’re done!

2. Scanable Barcode! All you have to do is print out the following page and and the next time you shop at Ralphs ask the clerk to add our charity to your Rewards Card. You’ll scan your Rewards card, the clerk will scan the barcode and you’re done! Print the following page and take it with you to Ralphs: Ralphs Community Program

3. Telephone registration! You can call Ralphs and ask them to register Animal Advocates Alliance as your charity. You’ll need your Ralphs Rewards card number and you’ll need to provide our charity ID number: 91920. Call 800-660-9003 to register via phone.

Please remember that in order for AAA to receive a percentage of your purchase, you must use your Rewards card every time you shop at Ralphs. Happy shopping everyone!

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